The country had an average of 203 new cases per day in the last week, surpassed only by Cyprus' figures, with an average of 520 new cases.

After Portugal in this indicator comes Spain (157), Luxembourg (98), Ireland (88), Greece (69) and Denmark (58). The countries of the Union with the fewest new cases are found further east: Romania and Poland, with an average of two new cases daily, Hungary and Slovakia (four new cases), Germany (six cases) and Austria (seven cases).

Although not in the European Union, the United Kingdom appears among the countries on the European continent with the highest numbers and an average of new cases at seven days of 360.

The average of new cases in the last seven days in the European Union stands at 39 and 49 in the world.

Among the countries in the rest of the world with more than one million inhabitants, Portugal appears in the twentieth place in a list headed by Mongolia (666 new cases daily), Namibia (618), Colombia (538) and Cyprus.

As for new deaths in the last seven days, in the European Union only Romania (5.01), Latvia (1.89) and Bulgaria (1.17) are above 01.

Portugal has an average of 0.39 new deaths in seven days, below the European Union average of 0.6.

In the rest of the world, Paraguay (16.6 new deaths daily), Namibia (14), Colombia (11.8), Argentina (10.54) are the countries with more than one million inhabitants in the worst situation.

In terms of vaccination, according to data updated on Sunday in Our World in Data, Portugal has 37.5 percent of the population fully vaccinated, slightly above the European Union average of 34.8 percent.

As for daily doses of vaccine administered per 100 inhabitants, Portugal is the one with the highest average in the EU, with 1.75 doses.

Within the Union, it is in Portugal that there is a higher prevalence of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 among genetically sequenced samples - 73.8 percent -, a percentage that rises to 97.53 percent in the United Kingdom.