The information is contained in today's bulletin of the Azorean Health Authority, according to which, on the island of São Miguel, "all cases result from community transmission", with the municipality of Lagoa registering three new cases, while one is registered. a new case in the municipality of Ponta Delgada and another in Ribeira Grande.

As for the positive case identified in Monday's statement, in the parish of Fajã de Baixo, municipality of Ponta Delgada, "it presented documentation proving a previous infection and respective recovery, therefore no longer counting as an active case in this parish and in the Azores ". With regard to cases diagnosed in the last 24 hours, the new patient on Terceira Island is "a traveler, resident, with a positive analysis on arrival".

The Azorean Health Authority also says that "the departure" of Terceira and the Region was verified, of "a positive case, a non-resident citizen who was in the parish of Cabo da Praia, Praia da Vitória municipality, also failing to count as active case in the Azores". In Pico, there is a case concerning "a non-resident traveler with a positive test on the 6th day". In Flores, two cases were diagnosed, "one of which, an inter-island traveler, from São Miguel, originated a new chain of primary local transmission". In São Jorge there is a new positive case o "a non-resident traveler with a positive result on the 6th day, which gave rise to a new chain of primary local transmission". In Faial there was a new case of "a traveler, resident, with a positive result on the 6th day", adds the statement from the Azorean Health Authority.

1,847 analyzes were carried out in reference laboratories in the Region. In the last 24 hours, 34 recoveries were recorded on the island of São Miguel. Today, 12 patients are hospitalised with covid-19, 11 of them in the Divino Espírito Santo Hospital, in Ponta Delgada, in São Miguel, one of them in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). There is an intern at the Hospital de Santo Espírito on Terceira island. The archipelago currently has 381 active positive cases in six of the nine Azorean islands. Thus, São Miguel has 343 active positive cases, 18 in Terceira, eight in Pico, five in São Jorge, five in Flores and two in Faial.

Six chains of primary local transmission are still active in the archipelago, two in Pico, two in Terceira, one in Flores and one in São Jorge. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,763 covid-19 positive cases have been diagnosed in the Azores, 6204 people have recovered from the disease and 34 have died.

As for the Regional Vaccination Plan from 31 December, 2020 until 8 July, “250,705 doses of vaccines against covid-19 were administered in the Azores" and there are "129,190 people with at least one dose (53.21 percent of the population) and 121,515 people with complete vaccination (50.05 percent)", the statement says.