At a press conference at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão, the Faro District Operational Commander for Civil Protection, Richard Marques, said that personnel would still remain on the ground to "consolidate the affected area", which amounts to "two thousand hectares within a perimeter of 24 square kilometres".

Richard Marques revealed that the weather forecast for today is similar to yesterday with the wind blowing with some intensity, which will lead to a gradual fall back from the authorities.

"This Monday (today) there will still be means and resources on the ground throughout the day, with a reassessment of the demobilisation plan," he said.

The Faro District Operational Commander for Civil Protection recalled that “there were no registered victims of the fire” and that the residents have already returned to their homes.

In all, "68 people" were displaced from their homes, with "21 spending the night at the Center for Concentration and Support to the Population in Portimão Arena" and "85 animals" were also welcomed.

Regarding the extent of the damage, the representative of the Guarda Nacional Republica present at the press conference revealed that it was "essentially damage to some warehouses supporting agricultural activity and some vehicles", namely in the area of ​​origin of the fire .

Captain Pedro Fernandes pointed out that the “primary damage” was in an annex to a residence that did not affect the house.