Using these techniques since 2008, Willem and Celma Ras have been treating people who suffer from various pathologies caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi etc. but also fibrosis and psychological problems like depressions, anxieties, stress, sleeping disorders and panic attacks.

And it doesn´t stop there. They not only treat humans, they also eliminate diseases such as leishmaniose in dogs and leukemia and FIV in cats.

Frequency treatments

Actually, when I ask what illnesses they can heal with frequencies he replied that it would be better to ask what they couldn´t. (E.g. broken bones or anything that needs surgery).

When I think about frequency treatment, radiotherapy always crosses my mind. However that is a totally different approach. According to the therapist: “Our frequency therapy is painless, without side effects and 100 percent safe. These frequencies are between 100 and 1.000 kiloHerz which is different from radio(active) therapy where the frequencies that are used are much higher and more dangerous for the human body”.

The frequency treatment is made through a device that emits a frequency that can enter our body with hand - or foot - electrodes, and/or with so called Tesla pancake coils. The frequency - according to the therapist - needs to be specific for the problem, because “every organism, molecule or material will disintegrate when it meets its own - specific - frequency that will bring it in oscillation/resonance”

After finding out the specific frequency for the problem the device will send a signal with this frequency on a voltage between 6 and 9 Volts DC. “This way the signal will travel into the body where the iron in the blood (hemoglobine) conducts the signal. For glands like thyroid, adrenals and organs like the liver and pancreas we use the Tesla coils locally” explained Willem.

(applied) Kinesiology
For that reason, Willem has to find a quick way to discover what problem is behind the sickness in order to use/synchronize the right frequency.

In the past (1934 - 1936) it took the creator of frequency therapy Raymond Rife - whose work the couple follow alongside Hulda Clark and Meg Patterson - many days to determine with his microscope the frequencies that killed bacteria or viruses that cause illnesses and how often and how long they had to be treated. He called such a specific frequency: “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” (M.O.R.) Now the couple use an alternative technique: an application of kinesiology (1976, Prof. Dr. Goodheart) to diagnose the patients´ problem and determine the “healing frequency”.

The couple have been using kinesiology for 25 years for personal issues. “My wife Celma was very sick and kinesiology was the only way we knew to help her find the right food supplements to keep her alive. She had been given up on by the doctors”.

Applied kinesiology is a therapy that uses muscle testing to look at imbalances that may cause diseases in the body. This practice is based on the idea that the body gives the answers through the strength of its muscles. This is actually based on an energy model of health (not a western one).

Introducing me to the subject, Willem said “a long time ago an experienced kinesiologist told me that the body works like a computer, your head is the keyboard with a simple chip that makes connections with your organs, lymphatic system etc. and your body itself is the hard disc, containing all the information you need to know. The communication goes through a binary system where the question to - and answer from - the patient goes through a double analog/digital conversion. Finally my (analog) question gets an (analog) answer: yes = strong muscle and no = week muscle. So I can only ask closed questions. That is how it works, anyway that´s how I was told”.

“Using the kinesiology this way we can find out most of the time what the reason behind the problem is, if and how we can treat it, how often and how long we should treat it”.

Willem is a retired medical jurist and has been registered for this activity as “paramédico outros técnico”. On a part-time basis they work with 5 people. They have welcomed me into their countryside house which they call “Vivenda Celma” in Vala Lobito, Silves. If you want to find out more about their low cost treatments and the location of their house, go to: Google Maps Portugal Silves Vivenda Celma where you also can find a few reviews from patients.

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