According to a decision approved by the Council of Ministers, as of 1st of August, the capacity of the venues to host cultural shows goes from 50 percent to 66 percent, with limited hours until 2am throughout the territory. The capacity of venues for cultural events will rise to 75 percent in September, when 70 percent of the population is expected to have full vaccination.

According to the Government's plan, 85 percent of the population will have a complete vaccination, in October, and at that time the shows may be fully booked. The presentation of a certificate or negative test to covid-19 will be required in cultural, sporting or corporate events with more than a thousand people (outdoor) or 500 people (indoor).

On Wednesday, the Association Promoters of Shows, Festivals and Events
(APEFE) appealed to the Prime Minister to ease restrictions on accessing Culture. The four measures requested by the association were the expansion of the capacity of the concert halls to 100 percent , and without a seat reservation for those who have a valid digital certificate or negative antigen test and a liberalisation of schedules and reinforcement of the support program for theatre and music workers , dance and other artistic and literary activities.

For promoters, the full reopening of cultural activity is a stimulus for young people to get vaccinated. "It is not with closed festivals, bars and clubs that we convince them. They have to have a clear and objective sign of the advantages of vaccination: access to normal life", defended APEFE.