“There are decisions that are political and not those of the Commission for the Fight against the Pandemic [of the Azores]. As a rule, [the commission's] recommendations have been followed. In this case, we are not going against it. We are just not deciding yet”, said Clélio Meneses in Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island, in response to questions from journalists.

Confronted with the statements made on Thursday by the President of the Republic on the vaccination of the young, the regional secretary stressed that "each situation has its time", that the priority in the Azores is to reach 70 percent of the vaccinated population and, "in the meantime , there will be scientific safety” regarding inoculation of children from 12 years of age onwards.

According to Clélio Meneses, even if the Regional Government decided, now, “to vaccinate these young people, they would not be vaccinated immediately”. “Each situation in its time. However, there will be scientific assurance that this vaccination is adequate. There are those who defend it and we respect it. There are those who have some doubts. While specialists assume and establish their positions, we are going to do what is incumbent on us, which is to vaccinate the population”, he explained.

On this issue, the government official also said that the fight against the pandemic is carried out, “above all, with pragmatism”. “There is no point in having predictions or decisions that are not immediately feasible. Our first goal is to vaccinate 70 percent of the population”, he stressed.