The event aims to be a link between the pre-pandemic period and Festival MED which is set to return once things are back to normal.

The resumption of economic and social activity, in particular the new more permissible measures of easing of lockdown have made it possible to carry out this initiative, which will allow the public to satiate some of the cultural needs felt over the last two years, but also, for the faithful followers of Festival MED, will bring new musical experiences and novelty in terms of the artistic projects that will take place.

Spaces will be limited, but framed in what is the territory of Festival MED which is the historic centre of the city of Loulé. However, given the restrictions set at the level of the capacity, only the Cerca Stage, one of the usual 10 stages of the festival, will have shows. There will only be seated tickets available and during the seven nights of programme there will be only two concerts per night.

Musical multiculturality is again a dominant theme of the festival which will include 14 artists, representing nine countries. In addition to the space for national music and new projects, also sounds originating from various corners of the world, from traditional roots to the most innovative rhythms and fusions, will be present.

Festival MED

For the director of this initiative, Carlos Carmo, “interMEDio will be an excellent way to resume the cultural activity and large-scale animation in the municipality of Loulé, but we are already looking to the future and the changes that are intended for the future of Festival MED. We have new ideas and concepts that we want to implement in the next editions, but of course we will keep the DNA of Festival MED and the pillars that have made this one of the largest world music festivals in Europe,” he said.

The president of the Municipality of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, also stressed the importance of this interim event for the recovery and momentum of the local economy at a particularly difficult time for businesses: “It is with joy that we announce the InterMEDio Festival and the return of major events, in a more restricted and intimate format, but it is a promising start and good news for all those involved, not only in cultural activity, but also for the agents of our economic fabric. For a week the city will gain a new life, still far from what it was before the pandemic, but already with a dynamic that will help businesses. It is important to say that all this is done with the awareness that Covid-19 still poses a threat and, as such, all health security conditions will be properly adhered to.”

At the time of going to press InterMEDio’s lineup with all the artists that will be performing was yet to be released nor the tickets for sale however organisers assure that this will take place very soon. All news of the event can be followed on the Festival MED Facebook page and additionally, for more information please see their website at