"The A22 [motorway] between the junctions of Castro Marim and Altura is still cut off, in both directions, with the National Road 125 being an alternative, but, given the intensity of traffic, we urge that travel be avoided", a source from the Territorial Command of Faro told Lusa.

The alert for the rural fire was given at 01:05 on Monday and the fire was considered to be dominated by 10:20, but the "severe weather", with high temperatures and strong winds, was the origin of a " very strong reactivation, in the middle of the critical period of the day, close to the head/right flank of the original fire, and this was quickly out of extinguishing capacity”, explained the regional operational commander of Faro, Richard Marques.

On Monday night, the fire had already entered the municipalities of Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António.

According to the same source from the GNR, the authorities are making "all efforts to reopen the motorway", although it is not foreseeable that this can happen in the next few hours.

“Traffic is very restricted in the area. In itself, it is more intense at this time of summer, now it moves very slowly between Vila Real de Santo António and Tavira”, he stressed.

At 10:05, there were 628 operatives fighting the fire that broke out in Castro Marim, supported by 208 land and 11 air resources.

At 11:00, the authorities will take a new look at the situation, in Azinhal, in the municipality of Castro Marim.