Unfortunately, the music industry has been hit heavily by the pandemic and musicians have seen their last year, either postponed or cancelled, causing a devastating impact on their income.

These musicians, DJs, singers, bands and performers deserve all the support they can get and The Portugal News are here to help and ‘shine the spotlight’ on them with our free music adverts.

We are encouraging any live acts of all genres of music to please send us your advert, if you haven’t already done so. Please do not worry that your advert needs to look a certain way, not everyone has photoshop skills and that is completely okay, there is no need for extra frills, just a simple and plain advert will do, as we would love to hear from you and to promote as many of you out there as possible from all across Portugal.

The offer of the advert is 82mm wide by 50mm high, whereby the musician must make the advert themselves. Please kindly email our arts journalist cristina@theportugalnews.com to be included in our newspaper. It must be noted that we cannot guarantee the date that the advert will be in the paper as it will be depending on available space each week. Additionally, our journalists are always happy to write articles on musicians and give them a greater platform in our paper, so if you feel this would be of great help to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

This is our way of saying a huge thank you to all the entertainment you provide and as a way to give back to our community. At such a difficult time, musicians really deserve that extra push and asides from the advert, we also kindly ask our lovely readers to support live acts and share events with your friends and family, as we know it would mean the world to musicians getting back on their feet. Similarly, if you could please spread the word to any musicians that you know about what we are doing that would also be a huge help in fuelling our paper’s momentum.

See all the adverts from musicians who have already taken up our offer, this week on page 53.