Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


Viralyft claims that its promotional services will help you get popular instantly. It has a bunch of services for various platforms that are at the forefront of the industry like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Clubhouse etc. You can visit to take a look at these services. If you want to purchase some followers for Instagram you will find many packages here.

The price starts at $2.89 for 100 followers. Use the live chat option on the website to get in touch with a customer service representative. is a site that you can visit if you want stats for your Instagram profile. You can buy likes, followers and views from It claims that using its range of services you can add credibility to your brand on Instagram.

SocialPros will not ask for any sensitive detail like your Instagram profile password. There are many packages for Instagram followers starting at $2.50 for 100 followers.

Getviral is a company that offers multiple services that you can purchase to increase the number of likes on your posts or boost your follower count extra. It's been over 7 years since the company has been in this industry. It provides services for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The smallest package that it has for Instagram followers is priced at $3.99 and provides 250 followers. Getviral promises to provide risk-free service and top-quality customer care available 24 hours a day.


ViewsExpert says that to gain credibility on social media will require no hard work if you purchase the service that it offers on its website. It claims that it has a huge network that will help you gain the stats you purchased.

ViewsExpert has also been around for some time and supports services for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. You can buy Instagram followers from Let's look at the starting price for this. The starting package will get you, 100 followers, for $2.


FollowerPackages is a company that knows that standing out on social media platforms can be tough as they are super competitive. But if you gain a little credibility and your content is good you can start growing.

It claims that its services can help you gain some online cred on these platforms. It sells stats for Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook and YouTube. The price for Instagram followers ranges from $15 to $119 for 500 to 10k followers respectively.

SocialPackages is featured on many Instagram promotional services lists. The site claims that it offers the best and real growth service for Instagram. It does have services for other platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter etc.

But it is proud of the services it offers for Instagram. So, if you want to check out Instagram or other services visit The beginning price for Instagram followers on this site is $2.50 for 100 followers.

This is another company that is confident that its Instagram services are the best and the most real services. It claims that you will not be getting any spam or bot accounts because you will buy real Instagram followers from the site. You do get services for other platforms like TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube etc. on this site as well.

The starting package for Instagram followers on gets you, 250 followers, for $3.99. The company also guarantees refills for a time period.


Famups is a company that knows what it is doing because it has been around for a long time provide various social media services. It targets clients who want to get their presence boosted up on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or SoundCloud.

It claims to implement organic methods to drive traffic to your profile. You can buy Instagram followers from Famups as well. The starting package is a bit bigger than other sites. It provides 500 followers for $7.


Famoid wants to ensure its clients that it will provide reliable service with fast delivery. It focuses on providing services of good quality for four popular platforms Viz. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

The name of the company means - an object that will make you famous. If you want to buy Instagram followers from Famoid it will at least cost you $3.95 which will get you, 100 followers.


Woorke sells digital marketing services to people that want to grow their online presence and create brand awareness. It has top-quality social media services for almost all of the major platforms that millions of people use worldwide. Again, the services on are not cheap but they do promise that the quality is good. For all its social media services it has 3 packages.

For Instagram followers, the cheapest package will give you 50 followers at $4.99. This is the normal package. The other two packages have different features. The targeted package gets you 50 targeted followers for $5.99 and the drip-feed package that allows you to choose delivery speed costs $6.50 for every 50 followers.


Now, there are some social media marketing companies that will help you gain followers who will actually find your posts interesting. These followers will stay for the long run if the quality of your posts is consistent. Growthoid is one such company. It takes care of your Instagram profile promotion. It asks you to enter your niche, your competitors and some target audiences' profiles.

Then it starts interacting with the profiles and posts of targeted followers and starts giving you more exposure. This will help you in gaining followers if you keep up your content quality. The standard package costs $49 per month. It will grant you moderate growth. For more info visit


If you are looking for a site that has services to most of the social media platforms that are popular and used worldwide, can be a good option to check out. Besides the usual platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pinterest it has services for Tumblr, Periscope, Quora, Vimeo, Mixcloud etc.

You can also buy website traffic services. But since we are looking at Instagram followers let's look at the price for that. For $2 you can get normal, worldwide followers. You can specify fields to purchase specific kinds of followers depending on your utility. Visit the site for more info on this.

Mr. Insta

Another site that claims to have quality Instagram services is Mr. Insta. This is a company that has services for a lot of platforms but it has a huge range of services for Instagram. Besides paid services, you can also get free Instagram followers from this site.

The site claims that this free service has unlimited activation. For more details about it visit If you are looking to buy Instagram followers then the cheapest package gets you, 250 followers, at $10.


The name Instafollowers may lead you to think that it is a site that only sells services for Instagram. But it is not true at all. Instafollowers is one of those sites that sell services for a tonne of different popular social media platforms.

It has free tools and services as well. You can get free Instagram views and likes and other stuff. Visit to know more about these. You can buy 100 followers for $2.95 on this site. It has live support as well.


Trollishly is a social media service provider under the parent company Rise Up Digital FZE. This is a UAE-based company that started a couple of years back. It has social media services for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

You can find free services for Instagram and TikTok on this site. These are one-time activation services. If you are looking to purchase some followers for Instagram then the starting price on this site is $2 for 100 followers.


Appsally does not have the cheapest services in the market but it claims to have really good quality services. It has hand-picked various marketers to ensure that it provides a marketplace for growth to its clients.

These marketers have worked with many hyper-growth companies. To buy Instagram followers on this site you have to search for it using the search bar. The base package provides you with 250 followers and costs $20.


InstaPalace sells services for Instagram users only. It claims to offer services to buy real Instagram followers. The starting price for Instagram followers on is $2.4 for 200 followers.


InstaMama sells Twitter followers and stat-boosting services for Instagram. You can buy likes, views and followers for Instagram on this site. The cost of 100 followers on is $5.5.


BuySocialMediaMarketing offers services for SoundCloud, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The least amount of followers that you can buy on is 100 for $2.99.


If you do not want to just boost your presence on social media platforms but the internet in general then the next site has appropriate stat-boosting services. You can buy website traffic, Google reviews etc. as well from this site. The packages for Instagram followers start at $4.5 for 200 followers.


How to get more followers on Instagram?

Having a solid following on Instagram comes with a lot of benefits. Since Instagram is crawling with brands and companies looking to promote their products and services you can get a couple of sponsors. Many companies want to collaborate with micro-influencers on Instagram. To become a micro-influencer you need to have an engaging and loyal follower base. This will even help you promote your products and service as well.

There are many influencers who just started Instagram as a hobby but as they grew bigger they started their own merchandise and have turned their popularity into a source of income. If you want to gain a bunch of followers who engage with your content regularly then these tips will help. Also, since we have already talked about buying followers we want to cover organic ways to grow on Instagram. If you want your Instagram following to mean something then this is the way to go.

  • Content is the Most Important Thing

Alright, first things first. You have to ensure that your content is good. This is very important. Take multiple looks at your content. If you have tried different methods of promotion but still you are not growing as expected then you need to take a second look at what you are posting on your Instagram account. The post needs to be entertaining and/or interesting. You have to always keep in mind that the bulk of your audience has come to Instagram to relax.

They just want to pass their time laughing, learning a couple of entertaining facts, cry over some emotional video and leave. They are not here to ensure that you gain a lot of following. So, what you should do is maintain the quality of your content. A person will only follow your profile if they feel that you will provide some value to them.

Try to come up with creative ideas that fit your niche. If your profile theme is fashion then you can provide different hacks, tips and tricks and various related facts. People love learning stuff for fun. If your profile theme revolves around funny sketches then ensure that you are not outright copying stuff. Put your own twists and come up with creative ideas that your audience will enjoy.

  • Choose a Niche

One of the biggest mistakes that many newcomers make is that they think that if they try to target a broader range of audience then they will become popular faster. Well, the truth is far from that. While yes, popular and broader categories have a lot of users but the competition is quite tough here. So, it will actually take you much longer to get some growth and you will have to work extra hard.

However, if you pick a niche that is not that competitive but still has a good number of interested audiences then your chances of growth are more. Once you have gained a few thousand followers you will be able to start using this credibility to gain much more followers. Also, if you stick to a niche people will know what to generally expect from you. If they are confused and do not understand what kind of posts you will be uploading on a daily basis then they might not want to follow you.

  • Targeting the Right Audience

To ensure that your growth comes at a faster pace you have to promote your content to the right people or rather tailor your content in such a way that your target audience enjoys it. This becomes more important for brands and businesses who are trying to grow on Instagram to create brand awareness and sell their products and services.

To generate more leads and to increase your sales figures you have to endure that you are creating the right content for your target audience. You cannot expect 14-year-olds to buy your cakes. But if you create content that is more appealing to users in their 20s then they are more likely to purchase it since they have the means to do so. The same goes for other products like fashion accessories.

You need to create content that is engaging to people who are probably going to buy your product. There are various ways to research the key psychographics and demographics of your target audience. But initially, you have to use your own experience and ideas to start creating content. Once you start getting some engagement you will be able to gain some idea about who your target audience is. A good tool to use for this is Instagram insights which bring us to our next tip.

  • You Need an Instagram Business Profile

If you want to grow on Instagram or any other social media platform then you need to know how to measure the performance of your content and promotional strategy. Not having a decent way to understand how you are doing will result in non-optimal performance. You will not be able to realize your true potential.

There are several companies that provide research tools but you need to have a budget to use them. But if you are on Instagram and you do not have a big budget then you can use Instagram's research tool called Instagram insights. It is a decent analytics tool that you can use to keep tabs on your growth and performance.

As mentioned in the previous tip, you can research your target audience using this tool. You can look at the key psychographics and demographics of the majority of your audience. This will give you better insights on how to come up with content that will be engaging for your audience. But you can only get access to Instagram insights if you have an Instagram business profile. It is completely free to get a business profile on Instagram. You can even convert your current personal profile to a business profile without losing your content or followers.

  • Good Usage of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important if you want to widen your reach and get more exposure on social media platforms. They are very important on Instagram as well. If your content does not get to bring in newer audiences then you will not be able to gain new followers and your growth on Instagram will not occur. If you use hashtags correctly then there's a good chance that you will be able to reach new audiences. So, how do you get started with it? Well, first of all, do not only aim for the most popular hashtags.

These are competitive and your post may not be able to gain much visibility among hundreds of thousands of other posts. Here too, it is a good idea to stick to your niche. There are many hashtag research tools out there. There are some free ones as well. These will help you figure out which hashtags have a decent following but at the same time aren't super competitive. Do use a couple of popular hashtags but try to focus on your niche. Also, try not to use more than 10 hashtags in your posts. Many studies have shown that if you bombard your post with hashtags then the rate of engagement tends to decrease.

  • Post Regularly and Try Maintaining a Schedule

A good way to grow faster on social media platforms is to ensure that you are posting regularly while keeping the quality consistently decent. The latter part is quite important. There are many accounts that post garbage content on a daily basis. They don't grow and you wouldn't either if you compromise with the quality just to increase the quantity. So, you have to work hard to create posts that are interesting, entertaining, informative or anything that you feel is of value to your followers.

Posting daily is a good idea. Many profiles post multiple times a day. It may become harder for you to come up with multiple good posts daily. Some days you are more creative than others. So, try to create more content on your stronger days and use a scheduling tool to schedule these posts. This way you don't have to worry about uploading every day and you can focus on creating good content when you are in the zone. Posting multiple times a day can help you figure out when your audience is the most active. This brings us to the next point.

  • The Best Time to Post

The best time to post would be the time when your audience is active on Instagram. If you keep uploading content when your audience is sleeping or doing something else then you will not get engagement, Instagram algorithm will think that your content is not good enough and its visibility will reduce. Thus, you will not get more exposure and not gain many followers. Instagram insights can be of great help here as well. You must have some idea about when your target audience should be active. Start posting at that time. Also, post multiple times a day.

Now, using Instagram insights try to figure out at which times you are getting decent Engagement. Now, try posting more during these time slots. There are many good studies and research out there that talk about the best time to post for different industries. and are a couple of them. You can try using this info as a sort of starting point.

  • Actively Engage With Your Followers

If your followers feel that you care about them then they will be more loyal. This means that you will receive more engagement on your posts and this engagement will be consistent. This is because your followers will be more willing to like and comment on your posts because they like you. One of the best ways to show your followers that they mean a lot to you is to interact with them on a regular basis. There are many ways to do so.

You can give them a shout-out at times or share their posts on your feed. Instagram Live is also a great way to connect with your followers, interact with them and answer their questions. Replying and reacting to comments on your posts will encourage people to comment more. This will boost the ranking of your post as well. If you can, try replying to the direct messages as well. Instagram Stories is a good place to conduct polls and q&a sessions and be creative.

  • Contests and Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways are great tools to use if you want to boost the engagement rate on your posts and grow your follower count. People like to win stuff and get free stuff. So, if you say that you will be regularly hosting contests and giveaways and the criteria for entering these is to like and comment on the post and follow your profile. This way you can increase your followers as well. But don't do it just for the sake of doing it. Come up with creative ideas for contests.

These ideas need to be relevant to your profile and should be entertaining for your audience to participate in. Keep the prizes interesting as well. Offer unique prizes that your followers will love. You don't have to go overboard with the budget but try to ensure that the gift has a personal feel to it.

So, these are some of the tips that can help you improve your presence on Instagram and grow on the platform. You may have to research a bit more to customize these tips so that they fit your niche, needs and requirements. Also, try to be patient. It can often take some time to grow on social media.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is an easy task. If you just consider the process of buying. The most difficult part is to find a good service provider. There are a lot of scam sites out there that may not provide you with what they have promised. If you want to buy Instagram followers then these are things that you need to follow.

  • Find the right company

As we said before, you need to find a nice company if you want to get quality services. You can use our list as a starting point and can conduct your own research if you want. Visit the site and always contact customer support before buying anything. A good indicator for a company that cares about its clients is responsive and fast customer support.

So, check out the customer service of the site and if your queries have been answered and there are no doubts you can continue with the site.

  • Selecting the Social Media Platform

Once you have selected the right site to buy the stats you need to select the right platform. Most companies want to appeal to a wider range of clients which is why they offer services for more than one platform. If you want Instagram followers select that as the platform and you will be provided with a list of services.

  • Select the Appropriate Service and the Right Package

From the list of services select the one you want. Many sites provide combo services where you get a bunch of stats at a bit lower price. Decide on which package is the best for you. The package you choose should depend on your strategy and budget.

  • Pay for the Service and Wai

Now, all that is left to do is purchase the service. For this, you can choose the payment method you are comfortable with. These companies generally have a good variety of payment options.

So, there's a good chance that you will find one that you are comfortable with. Also, try to use those methods where you can get a refund and the transaction is documented. Once the payment is done, you just have to wait. The site will process your order and will deliver you the service.

Many sites provide order tracking services so you can track your orders there.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

In general, yes. Instagram will not go out of its way to ban or suspend your account if you buy Instagram followers. But you have to be reasonable about it. Don't spend thousands of dollars and buy a million followers. It won't work well for you. It is too big a number for Instagram to ignore. Try to buy in small and reasonable quantities just to boost your credibility enough so that you can promote your posts and start gaining organic growth which should be your goal.

Also, Instagram is a private company. It can change its terms of service at any time. So, nothing can be said about this concretely. We suggest you reach out to the company you are buying from and get info about this from it.

Can I get free Instagram followers?

Yes, you can get free Instagram followers. The tips that we mentioned in one of the above sections can be done for free and will help you get an organic following without having to invest money. But if you are looking for sites that can provide you with free followers then are a few of them. Some sites provide free trials for their services.

But these can be activated only a single time and the number of followers that you gain will be quite low. We have mentioned a couple of sites like this in our list. There is another type of company that provides exchange platforms to its users. Basically, you will have to register with this site and tell them your Instagram username. Now, they will give you tasks to like posts and follow some profiles and in return, you will get followers as well. So, if you do not have a problem with following other accounts then this method can work for you.

How many followers to buy?

Well, the answer to this is going to be subjective. The number of followers that you need will depend on your strategy. Ask yourself why you need these followers. How much do you need to be able to boost your strategy?

One thing that we would like to say for sure is that do not buy too many followers. It will look suspicious because the bought followers will not engage with your content and your final goal should be to get to a stage where you are gaining followers that love your content and engage with it. If you have low engagement but a lot of followers things will look fishy. Also, if you buy a high number of followers then you may also lose a lot as Instagram frequently removes fake accounts.


So, that was our complete article about the best sites to buy Instagram followers. If you have been looking to buy real Instagram followers then this post will guide you. We have not only provided a list of the sites where you can purchase this stat but have also included the various nuances that you need to keep in mind in order to grow on Instagram as well as to use this strategy effectively.

We hope that you got decent info from this content and many of your queries have been answered. Growing your follower base on Instagram can take time. So, remember to be patient while trying hard. We would like to wish you all the best.