“We are going to witness a very significant increase in the meteorological danger of rural fires, with greater expression in the Centre and North. It translates into dry and hot weather, with wind, and with a variable that does not often occur: it is very likely that thunderstorms may occur in the national territory, as a result of the atmospheric instability that is expected for this afternoon and for tomorrow [Tuesday]”, stated the national assistant of operations of ANEPC, Pedro Nunes.

According Nunes, “fires are expected with a very fast progression and that quickly fall outside the combat capacity” of the mobilized means.

"Here we have a meteorological 'cocktail' that does nothing to favour the combat forces on the ground".

ANEPC's national operations deputy reiterated the "zero tolerance" for the use of fire and called on the population to pay "special attention to the use of machines in rural or forestry areas", asking people to avoid activities with this type of equipment in the coming days. Pedro Nunes also noted that "from Thursday or Friday the meteorological danger will decrease considerably", according to information from IPMA.

At the same time, Pedro Nunes confirmed that arrests were made in connection with fires. “We have information on some arrests. In fact, this issue was mentioned today by our GNR liaison officer. There are some arrests that have taken place in recent days, I don't know the exact number or zones. But, yes, there were arrests that were carried out, either by the GNR or by the Judiciary Police”, he observed.