“Following an evasion alert yesterday [Sunday] at 15:00, the Guardsmen immediately began several police steps to locate him, covering the entire surrounding area. The police operation culminated in his capture at 20:00, in an extensive area of ​​woods and difficult to access, 15 kilometers from the evasion site”, is referred to in the GNR communiqué.

According to the information, the individual was serving a prison sentence in the Covilhã Prison for the crime of theft, offenses to physical integrity, threats and driving without a legal license, for about two years.

The detainee was taken to the Covilhã Prison to continue serving his sentence.

The action was carried out through the territorial posts of Tortosendo, Paul and Unhais da Serra and counted on the reinforcement of the Territorial Post of Teixoso, in the municipality of Covilhã.