"We are not anti-vaccination, we have nothing against vaccines, we have all the vaccines from the National Health Plan, but this is not a vaccine, it is an experiment," said Lusa Ana Desirat, spokeswoman for Grupo Santo António, which was created about three months ago on Facebook to contest the decision not to hold popular marches in the capital.

The protesters who are demonstrating in front of the Assembly of the Republic claim that they intend to "inform the population", who say they have been living for nearly two years "under the terror of the media", which they accuse of opening and closing newscasts with the Covid-19 theme, without presenting positions that contradict the government's guidelines.

“The media is bought to us by the government, only experts who support the government's decisions appear on television, why not listen to other doctors so that people can decide?”, asked Ana Desirat, considering that "the population is being manipulated".

For the protesters, the digital vaccination certificate is “nothing more, nothing less than an imposition of a totalitarian state, which divides citizens between the vaccinated and unvaccinated”.

“Furthermore, the first information began to emerge that the injection does not protect against anything at all, people can contract the virus in the same way”, she defended, rejecting the classification of denial.

“It is a world dictatorship, the people have to fight”, she declared.

Among the protesters there was talk of the scope of the demonstrations in France and the United Kingdom against the pandemic control measures decreed by the governments, which brought together thousands of people.

The Santo António de Lisboa Group was joined by other elements, wearing black shirts, under a black awning, who, when approached by Lusa, only said: “We do not make statements”.

The protest continues this afternoon, without masks and without social distancing, under the surveillance of the PSP.