So far, "seven cases of Covid-19" had been detected among the lifeguard team, which led to the removal of all operators from the concessioned beaches, the coordinator of the Resgate association, António Mestre, told Lusa.

According to the same official, the local health authority decreed “the quarantine and isolation” of the seven who were infected and also of high-risk contacts, resulting in a total of 28 lifeguards being out of action.

Due to the absence of a “contingent of lifeguards to guarantee the safety” of bathers, the beaches of Vieirinha/Vale Figueiras, Morgavel, Grande de Porto Covo, Ilha do Pessegueiro and Samoqueira have been declared as being left “unguarded”.

Samoqueira beach, in Porto Covo (Sines), is not considered a bathing area, but has the assistance of lifeguards.

Although the bathing season ends next Sunday, in the municipality of Sines, the coordinator of Resgate said he was still "trying to open the beaches".

Contacted by Lusa, the captain of the Port of Sines, Rui Filipe, explained that signs have been placed warning bathers about the lack of surveillance on these beaches.

To make up for the lack of lifeguards, the Maritime Police of Sines has two vehicles on land and a lifeboat at sea, while the Resgate association has placed two vehicles on the beaches, one of which is permanently in Porto Covo.