Another priority was devising different ways for owners and their villas to stand out in a time where travel changed drastically. This is our fourth step - ‘be innovative’. From the introduction of in-villa services to assisting owners with longer term rentals, we ensured that our owners saw steady and consistent rental income.

Bringing experiences to the villas

For the many guests who still wanted to travel, the main issue was the closure of local bars, restaurants and many more of the hotspots the Algarve has to offer. How could they truly experience luxury, a holiday feeling and the Algarve itself?

A holiday is all about the experience from start to finish. It’s about giving guests access to experiences they don’t have in their day to day life. That is why SandyBlue recognised the huge potential of in-villa services and luxury experiences. By highlighting these services, owners were able to welcome guests in a new way.

Our guest experience team worked tirelessly to build relationships with local business owners, so that we could offer these luxury experiences. Even a simple grocery delivery can make all the difference, while concierge services can really take the weight off your guests. We also offered private chefs, beauty treatments, personal trainers and so much more.

If guests are having a great time, then so is everyone else involved in their stay. Everyone’s a winner! Our owners have seen this success and have fully embraced the in-villa experiences.

Longer stays continue to rise in popularity

In April 2020, early into the initial lockdown, we introduced SandyBlue’s ‘Longer Stays’. While travel uncertainty was at an all time high, we knew it wasn’t a reason to stop innovating. In fact, it was the best way to overcome the hurdles of a pandemic.

SandyBlue Longer Stays are designed for guests who are looking for a stay of one month or over. We recognised that many guests were going to use the opportunity to work remotely in a much sunnier climate throughout lockdown. So, we showed property owners that they could really capitalise on this growing trend of extended stays before anyone else.

‘Longer Stays’ are unique because they are not like typical long-term rentals. We will support both owners and guests on all aspects of the stay, meaning they can focus on the most important things to them.

If you’re a villa owner, the longer stay concept benefits you massively. With more people looking to book longer getaways it guarantees a steady stream of revenue for your property. It also allows you to tap into a pool of repeat visitors, who often return to the villas they stayed in previously. We also liaise with the guests directly on your behalf, answering all queries related to the property and maintaining the cleanliness with our fantastic cleaning team. ‘Longer Stays’ really do take the pressure off you as an owner.

Continuing to innovate

With enquiries and bookings for 2022 reaching unprecedented demand, we’re excited to continue innovating so that our owners and guests truly get the best out of their SandyBlue experience!

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