These questions were asked by Ferro Rodrigues to specialists who are participating in the Infarmed meeting, in Lisbon, on the evolution of the Covid situation in Portugal, a meeting in which, among others, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the prime minister, António Costa.

Addressing the experts who had previously presented communications, the President of the Assembly of the Republic said that he concluded that the country's epidemiological situation "is good", but warned that there are also cases of death of elderly people after receiving two doses of vaccines against the Covid-19.

“And in order not to feed these denials, it was very good that there was an answer to this. Last year, around this time, we had a worse situation from a trend point of view, but in mathematical terms there is not just the trend. There is also a discussion between the two moments: a year ago and this year”, he defended.

Ferro Rodrigues said later that he asks himself about “what should someone who is already over 70 years old do and who has two tests: One that shows that they don't have covid-19 and another that shows that they don't have any antibodies” .

“Should or should it not be vaccinated? This is a practical question. Today this is happening to a lot of people of my generation”, he warned.

Like Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa before, in his brief speech, the President of the Assembly of the Republic also considered “an extraordinary success the vaccination process in Portugal”.

“This is due to the Ministry of Health, in particular to the Minister [Marte Temido] and Director General [Graça Freitas], to all those who participated in the process, and also to the Vice Admiral [Gouveia e Melo], who had such an important and courageous role throughout this moment”, he added, in an allusion to the actions of the Armed Forces.