According to a report of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), between January and July, 14,664 accidents with victims were registered in mainland Portugal, resulting in 185 deaths, 1,044 serious injuries and 16,973 light injuries.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of fatalities decreased by 14.4 percent (31 less) and the number of injured increased: 51 more serious injuries (+5.1 percent) and 396 more minor injuries (+2.4 percent). Accidents with victims increased by 2.6 percent (+373).

According to the report, the most frequent accident was a collision (53.6 percent), which caused 37.8 percent of the registered fatalities.

Skidding off road accounted for 34.8 percent of all accidents and was responsible for 48.6 percent of fatalities and 42.5 percent of serious injuries.

The document also indicates that 71.4 percent of the total number of fatalities were drivers, 13 percent passengers and 15.7 percent pedestrians.

More than 70 percent of accidents involved light passenger vehicles, according to the report, which indicates an increase in accidents involving mopeds and motorcycles (+2.9 percent) and bicycles (+22.8 percent).

During the first seven months of the year, 65.2 million vehicles were inspected (in person or by means of automatic inspection).

In these inspections, 648.2 thousand infractions were detected (12.6 percent less), more than half (58.1 percent) were related to speeding.

The ANSR report highlights a decrease in some types of offences, highlighting the 21.5 percent drop in those related to speeding and 13.4 percent in transgressions for consumption of alcohol above the legal limit.

Infractions for not using child restraint systems rose 55.2 percent and those related to not using seat belts rose 29.9 percent.