According to the National Authority of Road Safety (ANSR), 1,655 drivers have had their licenses removed from them between June 2016 and the end of July 2021, due to driving infractions on the points system.

The system consists of subtracting points when serious or very serious infractions and road crimes are committed, leading to the cancellation of the driving license when all 12 points are lost.

The report indicates that in 2016 16 driving licenses were revoked, in the following year there were 64, increasing to 359 in 2018, rising again to 491 in 2019 and in 2020, 443 drivers had the licence revoked.

ANSR states that 2,360 drivers currently have zero points left on their driving license. In the points system, the driver is awarded 12 points, which increase or decrease depending on the infraction, leaving the driver without a driving license after having lost all their points.

After the title is revoked, these motorists are prohibited from driving for two years and have to take their test again.