"Although the presentation of the EU Covid Digital Certificate is not mandatory for access to the premises of these establishments, its presentation is still recommended", says the DGS in the standard "Covid-19: Physical Activity, Spaces for Practice of Physical Exercise, Massages and Health Clubs”.

"Group sessions dedicated to pregnant women, the elderly, or people with chronic illnesses, who do not have full vaccination against covid-19, are not recommended during the covid-19 pandemic, without prejudice to individual practice", stresses the authority of national health.

In spaces for physical exercise, the equipment must be positioned on the same side, in order to avoid being “face to face” with other equipment.

The places covered by the standard must favour the use of prior appointments by electronic means for group training and classes, and the entrances and exits, whenever feasible, must have their own and separate circuits, avoiding contact between people.

A duly authorised record must also be kept of employees and practitioners (name and telephone number) who attended the spaces, by date and time (entry and exit), for the purpose of possible epidemiological surveillance.

"It is recommended that between sessions in the same space, the renewal of indoor air must be guaranteed" and "in situations of natural ventilation, doors and windows must be opened for at least 15 minutes".

Regarding, massage rooms, the DGS recommends that they be individual, and must be properly sanitized and ventilated between uses, and clients and employees must wear a mask.

“In procedures closer to the face or respiratory tract, in addition to the mask, a visor or protective goggles and a cap can be used”.

The DGS publishes specific rules for sauna spaces, Turkish baths, hydro massages/jacuzzi and equipment where aerosols can be produced, to minimize the risk of transmission of covid-19.

These rules include hand hygiene at the entrance to the space, the individual use of equipment, which can be used by more than one person if they are cohabitants, and an interval of at least 15 minutes between each use, for the cleaning and disinfection of spaces, equipment and objects used.

Hydromassage/jacuzzi equipment that are located in the same space as other equipment, such as swimming pools, can be used simultaneously, as long as they are separated by a partition that does not allow any type of contact between users.

“The use of changing rooms is allowed only if it is possible to ensure the conditions of physical distance, sanitation, cleaning and disinfection”.