An analysis of the Portal da Queixa (Complaints Portal) in terms of complaints addressed to the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT) revealed a large increase in the number of complaints against this public entity.

According to a press release by Portal da Queixa, between 1 January and 30 September, 2021, the Portal da Queixa registered a total of 3,776 complaints addressed to the IMT. A growth of 179 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, where there were only 1,354 complaints.

Difficulties in getting a driving license - exchange of a foreign driving license, renewal, and issuance - corresponded to the majority of complaints reported, 62 percent. Of these 62 percent, 47 percent of the complaints are exclusively related to the exchange of a foreign driver's license.

Problems related to vehicles (approvals, registrations, documents, inspections) represent 12 percent of the total complaints filed this year. Other reasons for complaints were the lack of quality in the IMT’s service and the difficulty in scheduling exams.

According to the same note, Dario Assunção, one of the people who made a complaint to the portal, said: "I received an email about the process of changing my foreign driver's license, an email requesting the sending of documents to the IMT, and giving permission for biometric data on the IMT website, which I did; however, I received no response. I have a document that works as a provisional letter, but not all policies are aware that this document is valid. I don’t know what to do."