Even though a lot of things were put on pause and we were restricted by our physical attendance, people didn´t stop dreaming about buying a new home abroad.

With social distancing measures in place, it became a time to utilize the full potential of technology to find or sell your home. Virtual viewings are fantastic alternatives to physical viewings, bridging the gap between visiting a property in person and just looking at photographs. Social distancing doesn´t mean that buyers stop looking for their dream home.
At SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate our daily work with our clients continued even though we, during certain periods, had to work from home. People would still call us regarding the market, the areas and what would happen to the prices during the pandemic. They wanted to know what to do and many are still waiting to travel again and to be able to do property viewings.

As the pandemic was going on, a new insight to the digital world opened and, in all areas, other options where looked at. We were all working from home and depending on all the different digital platforms for meetings etc.
In the property business the video viewing became a solution when travelling was not possible. A digital view is a flexible and safe alternative to a “normal” in-person viewing of a property. With a video viewing you can stay safe in your own home and follow the agents review of the property and get all the answers to your questions.
While virtual viewings are not a brand-new concept, their importance and value to the property industry has been crucial during this last year. Now has been the time to innovate, and thanks to advances in technology, SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate is proud to be able to offer our clients an accurate, immersive and popular alternative to physical viewings.
A private digital viewing means that the realtor with a video call shows the home only to you and will answer all the questions you might have, just like a normal in-person viewing.
When we at SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate do a video viewing with our clients we try to be two people on site, one in front of the camera and one filming. This is the best way to get a good feeling and view of the property. We usually use FaceTime or WhatsApp for our video viewings. Together with the client we agree on a certain time, make a video call and all the client need is their smartphone or tablet and we can start the viewing of the property.

With the vaccinations, we are now slowly moving towards a more open society again with less restrictions and we will be able to travel again. This does not mean that video viewings will disappear. SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate believe they are here to stay. The digital viewings will continue as a great complement and option when travelling is, for other reasons. not doable. It can be a great introduction of a property before the physical viewing is booked. For you as a seller your property is shown to more potential buyers.

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