Main God qualities and actions of the First Ray:

Omnipotence, protection, faith, the Will of God through the power of the Father.

Corresponding Chakra:




Corresponding Stones:

Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Peacock stones, Blue-lace Agate

Day when is amplified:


Chohan of the First Ray:

Master El Morya

His Retreat:

The Temple of Good Will, Darjeeling, India

Archangels of the First Ray with Divine Complement:

Michael and Faith

Their Retreat:

The Temple of Faith, Banff & Lake Louise, Canada

Elohim of the First Ray with Divine Complement:

Hercules and Amazonia

Their Retreat:

Half Dome, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA

From The Book “ The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones.

Master El Morya of the Blue Ray

Master El Morya is the great spiritual hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart.

His activity of service and life is to guard and protect the spiritual focuses created as heart centers of world movements and religions, protecting whatever specific God ideas will benefit the human race and hasten its evolution. In addition, he is the chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood in India, Chohan of the First Ray and hierarch of the etheric Temple of Good Will. El Morya represents the divine attributes of the First Ray which are courage, faith, initiative, dependability, divine power, self-reliance and certainty. These are the qualities of the Father principle.

Embodiments of El Morya

• As Abraham (2100 BC), he was the first Hebrew patriarch and progenitor of the twelve tribes of Israel.

• As Melchior, he was one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus.

• As King Arthur (5th century AD), he became the leader of the Mystery School at Camelot and guarded the inner teachings.

• As Thomas Beckett (1118-1170), he was the Lord Chancellor of England.

• As Sir Thomas Moore (1478-1535), he was known as the “man for all seasons.”

Transmission from the Heart of the Beloved El Morya

From my home and retreat in Darjeeling, I bring to you the greetings of the Brotherhood of God’s Will whose spiritual credo is “I Will.” I also bring to you the attributes of my Diamond Heart which is rejoicing for this opportunity to share the multitude of diamonds my heart holds for those of you who are studying the limitless potentials of the Sacred Flames. The writing of this material has been planned by many of us of the spiritual hierarchy for almost a century, and it was part of Aurelia’s contract with us before her incarnation to accomplish this task.

You know, dear ones, the time to remain in the consciousness that keeps you bound to the many challenges of your third dimension reality is soon coming to a close.

And from all the complaining we hear from nearly all of you on our side of the veil, we know that most of you, if not all, have had enough of life as it is on the surface, and you are welcoming the changes. But consider that the changes you are hoping to experience for yourself will not happen automatically. You have to create them first in your consciousness before they can materialize in your world. Your personal life’s experiences are always mirrors of your consciousness, no matter what is going on outside and around you.

You already know that the Earth has chosen Her Ascension, and life on this planet as you presently know it will soon change drastically. Have you made yourself ready in your consciousness and in your God mastery to embrace, welcome and adapt to all that is about to transpire on your planet? Are you ever so willing to detach yourself from the old outmoded and materialistic lifestyles that you are so accustomed to, to make room for all the positive changes that need to take place on the surface in order to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment? Are you willing to transform your fears into Love in order to ride the wave of Ascension with the Earth in grace and dignity?

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and pull yourselves out of your present complacency to take part in the creation of the new world? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and contemplate seriously in order to bring forth your mastery. You cannot become an ascended master simply by wishing it; you need to begin to practice thinking, talking, acting and feeling like an ascended being in order to attain the vibration that will allow you to become one. This is what we teach you in the Great Inner Temples and the Temples of the Flames when you come at night during your sleep time; and your souls remember it in your daily life.

Reflect on the priorities of your life at this moment. What interests or desires occupy your heart the most? Is becoming an ascended master through your Ascension your greatest desire and priority? Are you setting aside each day enough time to commune and unite with the seat of your divinity within your Sacred Heart to gain full understanding of how to become it? In a former transmission that you will find again in this book, Adama suggested that you cut all your “to do lists” in half and simplify your lives dramatically in order to consecrate more time to your spiritual advancement. Have you heeded his advice?

Are you choosing to create your ascension with the Earth or are you choosing to wait for the events to take place, simply hoping for the best? Besides your surrender to God’s Will, the God qualities you need to develop in order to pass the initiations of the First Ray are courage, faith, initiative, dependability, constancy, self-reliance and self trust.

The First Ray has a unique position in this great evolutionary plan of Creation because this ray represents the “initial impulse” by which the ideas, born of the Heart and Mind of God, are given to Life.

From The Book “ The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones.