We will have to find a way to be very quick, very pragmatic, and get over some bureaucracies, respecting the law", said Pedro Calado, from the Funchal Semper à Frente coalition (PSD/CDS-PP), at the end of the first meeting of the new municipal executive.

The mayor stressed that the projects financed by the PRR will have to be completed by 2026, so it is essential to “streamline all procedures” at the level of the urban planning departments of the city council and the Regional Government, also in a PSD/CDS-PP coalition.

Pedro Calado indicated, however, that the failure of the 2022 State Budget could “create some obstacles”, in terms of the award of large-scale works.

“We may be talking here about a delay of three or four months in the start of processes and all this contributes to a little jamming of the machine”, he warned.