Right now, we are still welcoming many guests and owners who are looking to unwind in the autumn sunshine.

It shows that the Algarve continues to be one of the most popular destinations post-lockdown. In fact, demand for 2022 has been unprecedented as villas and apartments across the portfolio are being snapped up by people looking forward to a holiday next year.

So, reflection is important so that we can begin to plan ahead and make 2022 a fantastic year for villa rental income and strategy!

Ten steps to villa rental success in 2022

This year, the SandyBlue team has worked meticulously to expand and improve our property management services. The fundamental goal behind these services is to help put properties on the map and keep them there.

In 2022, we want to bring this success to even more property owners in the Algarve. That’s why we devised our ‘ten steps to villa rental success’, which have featured in The Portugal News over the last few months. The steps include consistent communication, dynamic marketing, establishing business partnerships and how to be innovative in a competitive space.

SandyBlue applies these steps to everything we do and will continue to follow these in 2022. To ensure our owners see the same positive impact from these, we will continue to guide them every step of the way.

Trends to watch out for

Throughout our ten steps to success series, we highlighted key trends that were on the rise throughout 2021. As we approach the new year, it will be important to tie all of these into your villa rental strategy for 2022.

In-villa experiences continue to be in high demand, so we will definitely be expanding on our own business partnerships to offer even more luxurious experiences to our owners and guests. These partnerships are important to us and allows the Algarve to come together to provide an experience that guests expect from the region.

New ways to holiday, including longer stays and workations, will become more frequent for guests next year. It is always important to recognise and follow these trends, but in 2022 it is integral that we are innovative about them. Many owners and rental companies can offer these types of vacations, but what is different about them? SandyBlue has been making further improvements and innovations so that longer stays and workations become more than just a passing trend!

Looking forward to 2022!

It truly is exciting to see such a surge in bookings and enquiries for 2022. Our team is excited to explore new ways we can supercharge our villa rental offering, which in turn gives our owner partners something to really smile about. It looks set to be a year of innovation and positivity - we really cannot wait to welcome more guests to the Algarve!

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