I am a grandmother who was assaulted and robbed by the owner of a small Tavira Real Estate Agency. I rented the apartment out of town and felt almost immediately uncomfortable when I met the person who rented the apartment to me. I am hearing more and more of these attacks on retirees coming to Portugal during the last year. I no longer go near any small real estate agency in Portugal. I have heard of similar incidents where retirees have been attacked east of Albufeira in areas like Quarteria and Olhao. I only use the large well known reputable companies. I guess that should be the case with most businesses today. I hope this practice doesn’t spread to other parts of Portugal. The attack occured in Conceição de Tavira . The agent is actually in Tavira. The day I told the agent I was moving out of the apartment was the day she sent two men to assault and rob me. She wanted to rush to steal what ever she could before I left and she did. I will feel more free to speak about the assault and robbery after the investigation is finished. I would not have moved to Portugal if I had known that this kind of crime is apparently on the rise in Portugal.

Theda, By email