“With regard to air transport, the Regional Government of the Azores defines as a total priority 'saving SATA'. Thus, and in accordance with the Restructuring Plan presented by SATA to the European Commission, a capital increase will be carried out over the years 2021 and 2022”, describes the coalition executive PSD/CDS-PP/PPM.

Under the heading of the Plan dedicated to air and maritime transport, the Government states that it intends to “maintain the subsidy to resident passengers for inter-island air travel, known as the Azores tariff”, with tickets for residents of up to €60.

The intention is to "continue to leverage the mobility of Azoreans, frequency, predictability and stability in transport, both for people and goods."

“We are well aware that it is difficult to conceive of robust economic growth, which generates jobs and wealth, without an efficient transport system, capable of extracting the full benefit of the internal market and the effect of the globalisation of trade. It is, therefore, imperative to implement a strong investment policy in the area of ​​transport”, points out the executive led by social democrat José Manuel Bolieiro.

As for airport infrastructure, the plan is also to "promote the requalification of the passenger terminal coverage of the Aerogare Civil das Lajes" on Terceira Island, as well as to remodel the check-in area", providing the airport with “a new, safer and more effective baggage handling system”.

“Actions to attract new tourist flows to Terceira Island from airlines and tour operators will also be developed”.

Maritime transport

In the field of maritime transport, the intention is “to continue the public service of maritime transport of passengers and inter-island vehicles, through public service obligations”.

The government wants to “improve accessibility and frequencies to smaller islands, with a view to efficient cargo movement”.

"In terms of port infrastructure, with a view to increasing its productivity and safety indices, work will continue with the re-profiling of the -10 (ZH) pier and the repaving of the embankment at the port of Ponta Delgada”.

The government adds the contracts for "requalification of the port of Poças, the construction of the maritime passenger terminal at the port of S. Roque and the refurbishment of the warehouse workshops and the building of the port operations at the port of Praia da Vitória."