I travelled a lot during Covid (because I had to) and they were the most reasonable, helpful airline I dealt with. I got my refund a lot faster than I did from other airlines (I had a bunch of flights get cancelled when trying to return to Portugal). Also they’re nicer than any other airline in my opinion.

Susan, Porto

EDITOR, Shut down TAP. It’s an awful airline, it sucks up money which should be invested in more urgent areas in Portugal. Such a corrupt, inefficient country as Portugal does not need such a terrible airline. Obviously it’s going to be business as usual - i.e. sucking up money and keeping the status quo of bad services and horrendous airports (arriving in Lisbon is worse than many developing countries).

K, Algarve

EDITOR, It’s about time someone exposed TAP for their don’t care attitude.

My first issue is vouchers from last year are not valid and I could not use them at all. I lost Miles with a ticket that was cancelled. This year my ticket was cancelled on my return flight from Prague so I had to purchase a new one for 500 euro

No one from TAP answers my emails or social media messages.

As a person that has been involved in the hospitality, events industry one bad taste from an apple the whole bowl will be thrown in the trash.

Portugal could be of the most amazing destinations in the world, however everything that links to it plays a vital role in the keeping it together. I call it the golden thread, but at the moment TAP is the nylon string that is going to break and the national carrier is going to do more harm than just complaints from unhappy passengers. Take this from someone that did events for an award winning airline.

Fix your problems TAP you don’t want another airline to bring in the travellers to beautiful Portugal

Johannes Izak Els,