“There are indications that it was a crime of murder of the child by the father himself, who then committed suicide,” João Bugia, director of the PJ in Setúbal, told Lusa agency.

The two bodies, of a German man and his son, aged 3, were found in Serra de Grândola, in the district of Setúbal.

The GNR were initially alerted, but the case was immediately transferred to the Setubal Judiciary Police because there were signs of a crime.

According to police sources, the man had a “troubled relationship” with the child's mother. The police source added that at the beginning of last week, contrary to what would have been agreed, the father did not give the boy to his mother, who then immediately alerted the GNR.

The PJ continues the investigation while waiting for the results of the autopsy on the two corpses, which may help to clarify the circumstances in which the two deaths occurred.