“Dorna [MotoGP organising body] really wants us to stay, so they put us on the provisional calendar for next year, which shows a vote of confidence,” Paulo Pinheiro told Lusa.

According to the provisional calendar of the main World Championship in speed motorcycling for 2022, the AIA will host, on 24 April, the fifth of the 21 races scheduled for next year's MotoGP World Championship.

The person responsible for the Algarve circuit said that "only small details are needed, namely in terms of guaranteeing financial support".

“These are values ​​that are far below what is normal for these international events, conditions that are very special for this period we are living in”, he pointed out.

Paulo Pinheiro believes that "it will not be difficult to ensure the necessary support for the competition, given the ratio between the investment and what is received in the economy of the region and the country".

For the administrator of the Algarve race track, the assessment made by the teams, drivers and organisers on the Portimão circuit, “is a factor that weighs on the decision to include the Algarve race track in next year's calendar”.

“For riders, teams and organisers, it is a pleasure to be here, which makes us very proud and confident that we can continue in the future”, he said.

In Paulo Pinheiro's opinion, “it is difficult to have a site that gathers so much consensus, as is the case in Portimão, whether in terms of the track, or in terms of organisation, logistics, hotels and restaurants”.