The PAN political party is to question the Environment and Climate Action minister about the sale of the Galé Camping Park, in the municipality of Grândola (Setúbal).

Inês de Sousa Real from the party has declared her intentions following a meeting with the Working Group of Users of Galé (GTUG), where she listened to the concerns of users of the campsite, which was sold to a North American consortium for €25 million.

PAN has introduced in the Assembly of the Republic, "a draft resolution that recommends the Government to do everything in its power to safeguard the environmental, but also social, values ​​of the region", the which, in the party's view, “is not in line with the intention that the Costa Terra project has for the region”.

“We're talking about more than 4,000 people who every year use this [Galé campsite]. Luxury 'resorts' do not add more value to local development, on the contrary, they come to desert the region and create only very seasonal tourism, from a certain community, which is not accessible to all people in our country” , concluded the PAN spokeswoman.

And if Inês de Sousa Real needed “4,000 people”, the Galé User Working Group, created after learning about the sale of the campsite to a North American consortium, for 25 million euros, highlights “the thousands of people” who use the park every year.

“Thousands of people who pass through here throughout the year, who are supplied and fed in all these surrounding locations are going to disappear. Because these luxury condos that are being built are going to be empty. This is sold to foreigners, people who come here for a week, if that”, said one of the GTUG elements to Lusa, asking for anonymity.

For users, he stressed, what is at stake is to stay in a campsite that has existed "for more than 30 years”.

“The deal is legal. The park closes, people will lose all their investments. Because 99% will have nowhere to put their goods. There is a lot of equipment that cannot even be relocated, therefore, all this will be lost and the municipality will lose these people”, warned the user.

The sale of Campismo da Galé, in the municipality of Grândola (Setúbal), to a US consortium is generating local outrage and prompted the launch of two public petitions demanding the maintenance of the site.

The American company to the media that it intends to dismantle the campsite, installed in an area of ​​32 hectares, in order to expand the project of the Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club development.