In a decision dated November 10, to which Lusa had access, the court emphasised that the defendant, 56 years old, knew that by abandoning the victim in that location, he could cause her death, due to dehydration, hunger, hypothermia or even by an attack by a wild animal.

The court heard how the victim did not die “due to circumstances beyond the control of the defendant”, as the victim managed to free herself from the gag, blindfold and handcuffs and find help.

The defendant has been convicted of aggravated homicide in the attempted form and aggravated kidnapping, as he changed the route of a trip he was taking with the victim to Gerês, which had initially been planned for Seville, Spain.

According to the court, the victim, aged 29 at the time, was suffering from psychiatric disorders, and the defendant drew up a plan to “take advantage” of this disability.

An electrician by profession, the defendant is said to have introduced himself as a "therapist" and made himself available to help the victim overcome "relationship problems" she had with her boyfriend.

The “treatment” included a trip with the couple to Seville, but the boyfriend ended up not taking part, so only the defendant and the victim hit the road.

The defendant then chose to stay in Vilar da Veiga, Terras de Bouro, in the district of Braga, where he had sexual relations with the victim.

The Public Ministry also accused him of sexual abuse of a person incapable of resistance, but the court acquitted him of this crime, as it was not proven that the victim was incapable of consciously expressing the necessary consent or dissent.

On February 15, the defendant, still under the pretext of "treatment", took the victim to a hill in Gerês, handcuffed her, blindfolded her, gagged her and tied her to a tree, abandoning her in the location.

After many hours, the victim managed to free herself and ask for help, having been found by the GNR around 22:30.

The accused has a history of theft, robbery, offenses to physical integrity, fraud and driving without a legal license, crimes committed in Germany.

In this case, now judged in Braga, he was also ordered to pay damages of €10,000 to the victim.