In a statement, the DGS said that, before heading to the vaccination centres in their area of ​​residence, users should consult the respective opening hours on the Covid-19 portal of the Ministry of Health.

On 9 November, this type of vaccination, which does not require prior appointment, was made available to seniors aged 80 and over.

“Local scheduling is also available for eligible users, with priority being given to older people and gradually covering younger age groups, until reaching 65 years old”, added the DGS.

Users continue to be called via an SMS message to simultaneously take the flu vaccine and Covid-19 vaccine or just the flu vaccine, in cases where they are not eligible to receive the booster jab.

At the same time, self-scheduling of vaccines is available for seniors aged 70 and over.

People who are 65 years of age or older, who have not had the infection and who have been fully vaccinated for at least 180 days, can receive a booster dose against Covid-19.

“The DGS maintains the call for vaccination against the flu and against Covid-19. This is the best way to protect the most vulnerable, especially at this time of the year, when temperatures are lower”, stressed the statement.

According to the latest data, 548,000 people have already received the third dose or the additional dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, and more than 1.2 million flu vaccines have been administered, about 350,000 of which were in pharmacies.