Since last week, the epidemiological situation has slightly worsened and the country now has a daily average of 208 cases, against the previous 140 cases, going from sixth to seventh EU country with fewer new cases.

With a better situation than Portugal are Finland (198), Italy (155), Romania (152), Malta (141) Spain (102) and Sweden (88).

In new cases, Portugal remains below the European average of 442 and far from the countries with the most new daily cases of infection per million inhabitants in the last week, a list led by Slovakia, with an average of 1,810 cases, followed by Slovenia with 1,550, Austria with 1,530, the Czech Republic with 1,400 and the Netherlands with 1,230.

These member states also top the list of the five countries with the highest average of new daily cases in the last week in the world, with the world average standing at 69 cases.

In terms of daily deaths attributed to Covid-19 per million inhabitants in the last week, Portugal is also the seventh among the 27 EU member states with the lowest number of deaths, with an average of 0.9 deaths, slightly higher than the average of 0.76 recorded last week.

Finland (0.85), France (0.48), Cyprus (0.42), Spain (0.42), Sweden (0.39) and Malta (0.28) follow.

At the opposite end, the list of countries with the highest number of daily deaths is led by Bulgaria (20.18), followed by Croatia (14.77), Latvia (14.39), Romania (14.39), and Hungary (13.54)

The European average for this indicator is 3.67 and the world average is 0.91.

In the rest of the world, among countries with more than one million inhabitants, Bulgaria also has a higher average, followed by Georgia (18.77), Ukraine (15.7), Croatia and Latvia.