Thanks to superb acoustics, the 14 songs gracefully filled this space for the delight of an attentive and warm audience. The church was almost full and the applause went straight to the hearts of the singers and their leader, Rob Does.

After Faro in September, Olhão two weeks ago, this was our third concert since we getting back on stage, and hopefully we will do it again very soon.

We are a very friendly group of singers of eight nationalities, and we love to sing together.

We sing English songs, acapella, in the Barbershop style.

Due to his male origins, we traditionally name the voice parts in women’s barbershop the same as the men, so instead of soprano the highest voice is tenor, then the lead sings the melody line, the baritone sings the next lowest part and the bass sings the bottom notes.

Anyone can come and try during our weekly rehearsals in Olhão, at the Re-Criativa Cultural Association, Rua da Republica, 14, on Wednesdays, 7:30pm.

Have a look at our website :