Muz Murray, who has already been featured in the books’ section, due to the launch of his latest book “You are the Light”, explained how an ancient technique can be a great tool for improving our body’s digestion and fluid intake.

The technique suggests for you to check which nostril is predominant before you start eating or drinking, in other words, check which nostril you can breathe easier with. The mystic Muz Murray, who currently lives in the Algarve, learned this nostril technique when camping out with yogis in the Himalayas in 1976.

Born in England in March 1940, Muz Murray studied at Coventry College of Art as he always has been artistically inclined. For ten years he was also known as a theatrical designer and Art Director in films and as an actor, songwriter and singer. This world-travelling mystic master was also the founder of a mystical community in London, known as “Gandalf’s Garden”, which became a spiritual inspiration to thousands of Britons over the late 60´s and early 70´s.

Nostril Technique

According to Muz: “People breathe their entire life and never notice that only one nostril is operating fully at a time; therefore, the airflow in one nostril or another determines how well you will absorb nutrients or liquids”.

Are you curious? Let’s put it into practise: “If you close one nostril with your finger and breathe in strongly with the other, doing both sides, you’ll discover that the flow of air is difficult in one nostril and is smooth and easy in the other nostril, because the spongy tissues we have in our nostrils expand and contract to give you two kinds of energy in the body.”

In this sense, if your breath flows stronger in the right nostril, it means “it is energising and heating, therefore it is called the solar breath, if you start a meal breathing through that nostril, then you will digest your meal far better”. However, “if you do it when breathing with your left nostril, which is called the lunar nostril, then your digestion will be poor, because the energy flowing in the left nostril is tranquilising and cooler,” which will promote the ingestion of liquids rather than solid food.

And for sure it also means that taking drinks at the same time you’re eating isn’t a good idea at all. “I don’t get digestion problems because I wait at least an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, before I take a drink after eating a meal,” said the mystic Master.

“This is the cooling mechanism of the body, so you have to drink when you are on the left nostril in order to absorb the liquid much easier and eat when your right nostril is predominant”, he said.

Usually, the change between the right and left nostril breath predominance takes about two hours to occur, “depending on a person’s metabolism and their bodily needs”. However, if you realise that both of your nostrils are breathing in the same intensity it may mean that “a transition is taking place from one nostril to another. As a rule of thumb, it takes approximately four minutes while both nostrils are flowing equally until one of them predominates once more”.

Additionally, according to Muz: “in yoga terminology, the right breath is called ‘Ha’ and the left breath is called ‘Tha’ from which we get the word ‘Ha-Tha’ the yoga of sun and moon, of yin and yang, harmonisation and balance”.

However, this is not only a yogic technique, it has also been proposed in Ayurvedic treatment for hundreds of years, namely in Svastha Ayruveda.

More tips for a healthy digestion

Muz Murray teaches these techniques and several more that help him and his followers to have better health and longevity. If you want to know more about techniques, which can be combined with this one that you just read about, please have a look at Muz’s Youtube Chanel as he has several videos that are worth watching!