I love Louis Theroux documentaries and therefore I devour any new books he writes. So I was happy to read his latest offering.

In this book he turns an eye on himself, his home, family as he tries to provide an insight into the world he lives in.

Louis shares his experiences working through lockdown. He started well with a sense of purpose but as with the rest of the world reality set in pretty quickly.

Why do his children seem annoying, who knew home schooling was so hard. Is he drinking and eating too much?

He also describes his dealings with Joe Exotic,his Grounded podcast, and catches up with past interviewees for his Life on the Edge series. He even considers writing Trump: The Musical.

The author Theroux is known for many BBC shows including the hugely popular series When Louis met... in which he spent time with, amongst others, Jimmy Savile, Neil and Christine Hamilton and Chris Eubank.

I thought it was funny and his wonderful sense of humour shines through. This is an honest thoughtful glimpse into his life - well worth reading!