The Every serves as the sequel to The Circle, Dave Eggers’ 2013 novel offering a barely disguised deconstruction of a certain internet search engine. Now we find the company has merged with an online merchant somewhat predictably dubbed ‘the jungle’. Clearly, Eggers is not trying to cover his tracks – that is not the point. He wants to question the creeping, often creepy influence of technology on our lives. Our heroine is Delaney Wells, a former park ranger determined to bring down this behemoth from within. But in around 600 pages as addictive as any mindless scrolling, we discover just how difficult this particular logic is to dispel. The Every is a humanist document, a plea for individualism over groupthink, but it is not delivered in judgmental tones. Eggers asks questions on every page, but delivers few answers, leaving the reader to reach their own conclusions. That, after all, is what our minds are for.