António Costa was asked by journalists whether he would allow additional restrictions for the festive period, particularly with regard to restrictions of travel between counties.

In response, the prime minister stressed that the country has experienced "almost two years in this pandemic", having drawn two lessons: the need to "adopt measures as soon as possible and to disturb the lives of people as little as possible, with the aim of economic recovery and the protection of companies' jobs”, and the need to “always be on the lookout to take a new measures if it becomes necessary”.

“What is it that we all want? That additional measures are not needed. What should we keep in mind? That, if it is necessary, we are here to adopt measures if they are necessary”, he said.

According to the prime minister, "this is how the country has lived for the last two years" and it has been "hard for everyone", but the Portuguese "have been exemplary in their civic understanding" of a state of pandemic.