Since 1949, SOS Children´s Villages have been working to ensure that children grow up in a loving family enviroment and have their rights fullfilled.

What they do

SOS Children´s Villages International comprises 118 national SOS Children´s Villages associations. As members of the federation´s statutes, each SOS Children´s Villages association is committed to applying to the federation´s statues, standards for quality child care, and stringent financial and administrative practices.

The associations work to keep families together, provide alternative care when needed, support young people on their path to independence, and advocate for the rights of children. Together with donors, partners, communities and governments, they lay the foundations for a brighter future.
When children can no longer live with their families, the associations together with communities and state partners help to provide children with loving and supportive alternative care.
SOS Children´s Villages work with children, families, communities and states to prevent family breakdown and ensure that childrens rights are met.

Over the world there are:
559 SOS Children´s villages;
713 youth programmes;
575 family strengthening programmes;
159 social centres;
36 Emergency responses;
59 medical centres;
452 kindergartens, schools and vocational training centres..

SkandiaMäklarna and SOS Children’s villages

“That all children should have a home and a safe upbringing is something many take for granted, but which millions of children around the world lack. For every housing deal that we do at SkandiaMäklarna, we donate 100 SEK to SOS Children´s Villages. Money that goes directly to SOS Children´s Villages work in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.”
Thanks to SkandiaMäklarna´s contribution, a house has been built in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Now that the house is completed, our money goes to the operation of the two houses in the integrated children´s village. In each house lives a family with 7 children. This means that we finance the following for the families:

Operation of the house:
Salary for staff;
Medical care if needed;
Psychological help if needed;
Leisure activities;

The Corona pandemic has been a major challenge for SOS Children´s Villages, as for most others. For many parents, in addition to the risk of infection, the pandemic has meant lost jobs, deteriorating finances and the children not being able to go to school. When families have been forced to stay at home and indoors under certain conditions, domestic violence, both against adults and children, has become and even bigger problem than usual in Bolivia.
In the current situation, SOS Children´s Villages’ work in Bolivia has been more important than perhaps ever before. However, securing the right of all children to a safe and loving everyday life in the midst of a pandemic has required adjustment of all the associations programmes.
Everything SOS Children´s Villages do is made possible trhough the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corparate partners, and loyal friends worldwide. SkandiaMäklarna are happy to be part of the help that make the associations important work worlwide possible.

Telephone: +351 911 015 315 / +46 708 254 600