Sampson Property is always on hand to support and guide you through every stage whether you are buying or selling a property.

Owners of Sampson Property, India Sampson and Bruno Romão gave me an insight into their family-based agency. Sampson Property is located on Rua dos Pescadores in Carvoeiro and they started their business three and a half years ago following India Sampson’s extensive background in real estate, “I have worked in real estate in Carvoeiro since 2006 and it was a natural progression to decide to open. Bruno is a football coach by profession and we decided to open the business together because Bruno added a more managerial side to the business whereas I am much more experienced in sales so we complimented each other.”

Sampson Property is a cooperative agency with a great team of four (including Susan Toner & Miguel Roque) dedicated to providing the best service. India Sampson explained that “we work all together so we are all on hand for each client in order to provide the best service. If you can’t get a hold of one of us, someone will always be on hand to help out.” “We are a forward-thinking agency so our success is not measured numerically; we measure it by the well-being of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.”

Ensuring quality

India Sampson also explained that “since the pandemic the market has really localised for agents. The fact that we have properties in Ferragudo, Silves, Porches and Carvoeiro and we only cover those areas is because of the level of service we want to upkeep, ensuring a hands on and direct approach.” Additionally, “we offer the complete service focusing on quality which added to our lower commissions which are 2.5 percent plus IVA makes a good sales package at a really competitive rate”.

A new experience

India Sampson told me that their agency is “about making it a pleasurable experience and also appreciating that some of our clients are abroad a lot of the time. For many people it is a first-time purchase and that attracts a lot of stress, so we want to provide stress free process as much as we can.”

“We go the extra mile to make sure the process is smooth for buyers and sellers. We are transparent and want all parties to be as informed as possible. We don’t push a client to a property unless it is completely right for them.” Bruno Romão added: “We treat clients the way we wanted to be treated if we were in their position and we pay attention to the small details so that we can help people. In this process feedback and communication from all parties is key. We are on hand throughout the whole buying and selling process.”

Carvoeiro’s popularity and an all-year-round investment

India Sampson stated that “Carvoeiro over the last three to four years pre pandemic has just shot up in popularity whereas it used to be a more niche place where people knew it from family or friends. Now it attracts different ages, different nationalities and is very much spurred on by Benagil cave and the boardwalk. It is an absolutely stunning place and it is becoming more of an international market and have some more up market restaurants. The council has invested a lot in this area and it has become a real hotspot.” Additionally, “it has gone very heavily back to British but it is still mostly northern Europe and Belgium people buying in this area and then German, Dutch and Portuguese. It was never a Portuguese destination but we are seeing an increase in Portuguese buyers and following English, Portuguese is the second most popular nationality for buying homes in Carvoeiro.”

Reassuring potential buyers

India Sampson told me that “I think now is a good a time as any to buy a property and I think a lot of people are worried about property price rises over the last year. Experts tend to see that there are going to be some continual house price rises that are going to slow down considerably in the next couple of years in Portugal whereas some other European countries will go higher. The Algarve is a popular area for people to invest in and it is a good rental investment too. Effectively the prices are not that much higher than they were before the economic crash of 2008 so yes, they have risen a lot in the last few years but some of them are not much higher than they were pre crisis.”

Nothing is too small a question for Sampson Property so please do not hesitate to contact them or visit their office in Carvoeiro. For more information, please see their new website at where they also have informative guides on how to purchase and sell your home.