"We are fighting for 15% [of votes in the legislative elections] and that means that we will have a say in the formation of the future government, unless the PS has an absolute majority, which I don't think will happen", said André Ventura.

The president of Chega said that if the party manages to be the third political force in the Assembly of the Republic or, “at the limit”, the fourth political force, as of January 30th, it will begin to “fight to be the real and the only opposition to the Socialist Government”.

“I want to go after the PSD and make Chega a greater force than the PSD”, he said, adding, however, that if this does not happen it will be “a personal defeat and for Chega”.

"If we don't go it will be a personal defeat and for Chega because when all the polls put us there, after a presidential election where we had half a million votes, it would be a defeat not to be the third or fourth national force in parliament," he added.