According to data from the regional service of statistics (SREA), in the accumulated value between January and November, the region registered 1,087,870 passengers disembarking by air, when, in 2020, in the same period, it had counted 600,860.

Compared to 2020, the growth was 81.1%, but compared to 2019, the year in which the covid-19 pandemic had not yet been declared, there was a drop of 32.2%, having been registered in the first 11 months of that year, 1,605,432 disembarked passengers.

In November 2021 alone, there were 99,236 arrivals at airports in the Azores, more than double (171.6%) than in the same period of the previous year (36,531).

All the islands registered an increase in the number of disembarked passengers compared to 2020, being the most accentuated in the islands of Faial (94.3%), Terceira (93.7%) and Pico (89.2%).

Santa Maria (53.9%), Graciosa (55.7%) and São Jorge (72.5%) recorded, on the other hand, the lowest rises.

As for the typology of passengers, those coming from international flights registered the biggest growth in November and in the first 11 months of the year, compared to 2020, but also the biggest reduction compared to 2019.

In November of this year, 3,136 passengers from foreign flights disembarked in the Azores, 338% more than in 2020 (716) and 60.1% less than in 2019 (7,868).