According to a SEF statement, the Turquoise III operation – which also included the participation of the Republican National Guard (GNR) – took place between November 29 and December 3 and led to the identification of more than 10,000 illegal immigrants.

“The operation (…) made it possible to carry out various actions to combat criminal organisations that are dedicated to human trafficking and illegal immigration, taking advantage of the victims' vulnerability to their own advantage. It was also possible to initiate or, in some cases, proceed with investigations that were already underway, with the purpose of dismantling several transnational criminal groups”, indicates the note.

More than 100 SEF inspectors participated in the operation, with approximately 110,000 passengers being controlled at Portuguese border posts and monitoring 54 flights from Brazil to Lisbon. SEF also identified 27 irregular immigrants and detained seven citizens in national territory.

The Portuguese authorities also highlighted the detention of two men who were subject to international arrest warrants, being sought in their respective countries of origin for the crimes of murder and money laundering.