Olaf Sholz began by saying that the Portuguese head of government “is doing a very, very good job, and has a lot of support from the Portuguese people”.

“We see this when we are there, and I really enjoy being in Portugal discussing the country's political strategy with António. So I am absolutely confident that he will again be successful in this election campaign,” he said.

Scholz stated that “the most important message, however, is that it is again time for social democratic policies in Europe and the world”, and the essential thing is “taking care of aspects of people's lives, it is above all an issue of respect”.

“And that is why I am absolutely confident that you will be successful in your campaign”, he reiterated, addressing the PS secretary general.

The Spanish Head of Government also took the floor to leave words of support for Costa, with Pedro Sánchez confessing his “admiration” for his “great friend António”.

“I would say that António has the qualities of a leader. First, he has a lot of empathy, which is crucial, especially for progressives. And secondly, he's always working towards compromises, he's a great negotiator. Therefore, I think he is the leader that Portugal and Europe need”, declared Sánchez, leader of the PSOE.