The Director-General of Nestlé Portugal, Paolo Fagnoni, said that, in 2020, the company had an "exceptional" year with sales of €565 million, €30 million more compared to the previous year, and the expectation for this year is "similar".

“Until the end of November, the company's organic growth was over 10% […]. We still have more work to do but so far we have a result that is totally in line with expectations”, said Paolo Fagnoni.

The Italian manager also stated that the two years of the pandemic (2020 and 2021) were an “incredible” period of growth for the company, as people spent more time at home and consumed more products such as coffee and cereals.

“The year 2020 was one of the most important in the company's history in terms of sales of Cerelac and Nestum, because people were at home, they had time to make breakfast together in a different way,” he said.

Despite everything, this growth was held back by the drop in the sale of products destined to hotels, restaurants and similar establishments, a trend that should continue this year.

Paolo Fagnoni also anticipated an increase in the prices of food industry products in Portugal next year, due to higher raw material and energy costs.

"We are going to make the necessary price increase to try to cover costs in the best possible way, activating all the different possibilities of marketing, of differentiating the product, the format and reducing some things to minimise the impact", he added.