Access to restaurants during New Year's Eve depends on the presentation of a negative Covid-19 test result, or the performance of a self test upon entry.

According to the guidance updated by the DGS, entry for meals in restaurant and similar establishments which are not closed by legislative or administrative means on December 30th and 31st and January 1st is dependent on the presentation of proof of a Covid-19 negative test result or a self-test, done at the time.

The DGS indicates that the requirement to present proof of testing is waived for customers on open terraces, as well as for "the entry of these citizens inside the establishment for the purposes of access to common services, namely access to sanitary facilities and payment systems (including the payment and collection of meals in a take-away service)”.

Those who have a digital recovery certificate are also exempt from submitting a test.

The guidelines also indicates that these establishments must display in the entrances, visibly, the prevention and infection control measures to be followed by customers, in particular, the mandatory use of a mask whenever they are not eating food or moving around the space, the respect for physical distance between people, compliance with respiratory etiquette measures and hand washing or disinfection.

The DGS guidance also states that these establishments must prepare and/or update their specific Contingency Plan for Covid-19, also recommending the “minimalist use of sanitized decorative elements in spaces, aiming at greater ease in the work place for washing, hygiene and surface disinfection”.

It also advises to ensure “good ventilation of spaces, preferably with natural ventilation, through the opening of doors or windows”.

Restaurants should also “consider providing/using take-away services”, providing hand sanitizer dispensers near the entrance and in other convenient and accessible locations.