The daily epidemiological bulletin of the DGS registers a reduction in the number of hospitalised people, totalling 1,024 admissions today, 10 less than on Thursday, 145 of which are in intensive care units (plus one in the last 24 hours).

Active cases rose again in the last 24 hours, totalling 178,712, 20,288 more than on Thursday, and 10,523 people recovered from the disease, bringing the national total of recoveries to 1,191,979.

Compared to the situation registered in Portugal on the same day a year ago, the country now has 23,202 more new cases of infection - 7,627 new cases were counted on December 31, 2020 - and another 106,216 active cases (a year ago totalled 72,496) .

The number of hospital admissions is significantly lower, since a year ago 2,840 people were hospitalised, 482 of which in intensive care, with fewer deaths (on the same day in 2020, the DGS bulletin counted 76 deaths in the previous 24 hours).