All Comboios de Portugal (CP) services will undergo price changes, with the exception of the Alfa Pendular, according to the information available on the carrier's website, making a second class Lisbon-Porto ticket cost another 15 cents, going up from 25.10 to 25.25 euros, but the price of the round-trip ticket will be maintained.

The price of travel between the two cities, but in 1st class, will see an increase of 20 cents: from 37.15, it rises to 37.35 euros. In addition, a return first class trip, in this case, will cost another fifty cents, going from 67 to 67.50 euros. For those traveling with a 50% discount, there is no change in prices.

Between Lisbon and Faro, the ticket is 15 cents more expensive in both first and second class. Roundtrips remain at the price of 40 euros in second class, but goes up fifty cents in first class.

For those traveling to Lisbon-Coimbra, a second-class one-way ticket will cost 10 cents more, reaching 20 euros, and it also goes up for a first-class trip, to 25.25 euros (another 15 cents). The rountrip price remains unchanged for both classes, as well as for trips with a 50% discount.

From the capital to Aveiro, the one-way ticket increase is also 10 cents, now having a cost of 21.10 euros in second class, whereas in first class the price reaches 31 euros (plus 20 cents). There are only changes to the first-class round-trip ticket.