In the case of the SIC page, a message is displayed with a request from a group named Lapsus$. Impresa, which owns the channel and the newspaper, has already confirmed that several of the group's websites are unavailable due to an apparent computer attack.

“The data will be leaked if the necessary amount is not paid. We have access to the 'cloud' panels. Among other types of devices, the contact for the ransom is below”, says the message displayed on the screen of the SIC website, complete with an address of an account on the Telegram social network and an email address.

Expresso's Twitter account was also hacked, resulting in a post fixed at the top of the page with the headline: “Lapsus$ is officially the new president of Portugal”.

"The Impresa group confirms that the EXPRESSO and SIC sites, as well as some of their pages on social networks, are temporarily unavailable, apparently the target of a computer attack, and that actions are being taken to resolve the situation", states the company in a short note.