SEF carried out two search and seizure warrants, one at a home and the other at a business establishment, which allowed them to seize "about five thousand euros in cash, three mobile phones, three laptops and various documentation in order to corroborate criminal evidence" collected throughout the investigation, the same source said.
With these steps, SEF has taken another step in an investigation that "begun in 2020" and in which the crime of aiding illegal immigration is at stake, involving a temporary work company, contextualised the same source in a statement.
SEF indicated that the "main suspect" is the owner of a temporary work company and both were constituted as defendants on suspicion of the crime of aiding illegal immigration.
During the period covered by the investigation, the defendants "have been responsible, in exchange for large sums of money, for the immigration of more than 300 foreign citizens" and the "vast majority are not even in national territory", SEF said.
The same source also said that the investigation will now look into the "vast real estate assets acquired by the defendant in the last year".